Green Thumb Gardener

by Patricia Jacques

Before the Stay-at-Home advisory, I was rushing through making homemade meals and never really have time to eat fresh since I have  limited access to fresh greens and fruit. Now, I have time to plan a seasonal and perennial kitchen garden!

I’m thick in the middle of learning how to grow seeds from scratch, up cycling food containers with planting pot potential and trellis vines.

Having a plan and being able to immediately (almost) see the fruits of my labor is definitely something  else! 

 It would be fantastic if I could also document all this gardening process in watercolor as a record of this unprecedented time in my history on planet earth.

How we live now plant starts

Seed Starting

  1. Heirloom tomates
  2. Nasturtiums
  3. Lettuces & Mesclun salads mix
  4. Herbs
  5. Cucumber
  6. Winter squash
  7. Cantaloupe

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