Tom Brady is Still the Goat!

by Catie Turgiss

Katie Turgiss, a Woburnite from East Woburn shares her experience about how she lives now in these strange times and how she is coping, growing and learning.

“There is almost nothing open, only grocery stores and hospitals pretty much. Restaurants only have take out and delivery and schools are cancelled. I go to Salem State, this week would be my spring break, we got one extra week cancelled and then we’re all doing online classes for the rest of the semester. There’s NO TRAFFIC which is amazing, I’ve never seen roads this dead. Everyone is also coming together in ways we never really see it’s one nice thing about all of this mess. Neighbors helping neighbors is great to see. I’m excited about the new album from The Weeknd. Still sad about Tom Brady leaving the Patriots, still the GOAT!

If everyone was staying home or at least away from each other. Not going out is hard but if we can all manage to keep the virus from spreading we can go back to normal and maybe even learn our lesson about being clean. Also I hope, this opens our eyes about what we are doing to our planet. Also hoarding toilet paper hasn’t helped any of us.”

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