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Rag Rock Gallery represents a creative space that brings to light the treasures hidden in the vaults of the Glennon Archives at the Woburn Public Library. Most importantly, this digital space serves as a portal to inspire, re-imagine stories, artifacts, art and knowledge into creative formats.

More specifically, discover a motley of literary gems, vintage objects, portrait snapshots, ancient gossip, quirky stories or uncommon artwork we dig out from the archives. These creative sound bites will, generally, appear weekly in the Rag Rock Diaries, the official blog of Rag Rock Gallery. They are grouped by themes:

Notorious: Highlights famous and infamous events, individuals and locales.

American Story: Highlights manuscripts, books, archival research, genealogy research and family histories.

Cabinet of Curiosities: Features quirky objects, artifacts, story, ideas, photography and artwork.

Woburn Mythos: Popularizes legends, folklore, urban myths from, around and related to Woburn, from fairy tales to gothic stories.

Great Inventions: Shares inventions or creative projects, found in the Archives, that are from or around Woburn – or are related to the city or its citizens.

Collection Treasures: Focuses on paintings, architecture, maps, drawings, postcards, sculptures held in the archives.

Open Forum: Features calls for art, announcements, contests, community projects and collaborations.

Wild Card: Introduces topics that are randomly chosen from the above categories or that don’t fit the established categories.

In contrast, as opportunities arise, the virtual exhibitions of Rag Rock Gallery, will support deeper dives into singular topics or themes inspired from the archives collections.

Want to become part of history? Share a quarantine story here. Maybe YOUR story could become part of a Rag Rockian Exhibit or live on as a Glennon Archive legacy.

Art by Louis Roscoe Linscott [1876 – 1966]

Dexter B. Johnson Collection 

Glennon Archives