Digital photo meme for Front Porch Photo Project


A few months back when we launched the “Front Porch Photo*” project challenge, we received a number of great family portrait entries. A few were selected, and became the focal point of a digital scrapbook page.  As synchronicity would have it, the universe appears to give a nod of approval in the form of this photo submission below from John Garcia. The submission seems ripe for the meme – style treatment above! 

The Front Porch Cafe, Piano Bar & Lounge

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If you’ve received a postage-paid postcard, that looks like the one below, with your Wonder box, Bookbox, book pick-up or delivery, remember to please drop it in the mail if you’d like your experiences to be considered for selection.


To Do:

Practice your creativity and generate your own memes!


Photo by John Garcia

Meme Design by Patricia Jacques

*”The Front Porch Photo” project challenge was inspired by another project of the same name.