Human of Woburn:

Be Part of History!

Seitz Reflections Illustrated Story

How are you deciding to navigate this turbulent and historic moment in time? In a few sentences or paragraphs, write and submit a descriptive story of your quarantine experience. Feel free to include supporting media (photos, painting, drawings, urban sketches, cut paper, sculpture, collage, music, video, memes, blog posts, performances, skits etc…)  that best captures how you’ve chosen to shine through in these times. We’re seeking inspiring stories to feature that help bring light into the world.

If selected, your story will become part of the Woburn Public Library Archives. It could be featured in the on-going “How We Live Now” exhibition or, be made available in the digital archives.  Read Special Stolen Moments,” a submission which inspired the art above.

Have a quarantine story you’re dying to tell? Submit it here!

If you have an anonymous quarantine secret or story to share, and you received the below postage-paid postcard with your Woburn Pulic Library Bookbox, Wonderbox, or book pick-up, it’s time to drop it in one of the blue, city mailboxes.

Illustration by Patricia Jacques

Online Submission by Carol Seitz