Daughters of Liberty

by Edna Boutwell, E.P. Dutton and Co. in, New York p95, Illustrated by Nancy Watson

Children's Books Author Edna Boutwell Portrait


  • Edna Boutwell was born in Woburn, Massachusetts 
  • She wrote at least three illustrated children’s books
  • She worked as a children’s librarian at the Woburn Public Library between 1940’s & 1950’s
  • “Daugher of Liberty” was released on NOV. 13, 1967

Book Cliff Notes:

A French doll and her owner make their way to Boston during the American Revolution.


Edna Boutwell Children's Book Daughters  of Liberty Cover Art by Nancy Watson

Book Excerpt:

“Amy! Amy!

Amy could not believe it. Someone was calling her name outside the house!

[…] “Amy!” Again her name was called urgently.

With a cry of gladness Amy drew back the bold and opened the door. She would have known that voice anywhere.

“Ned! Ned!” She cried in a shrill tone, no longer afraid of the Indian who came stalking into the kitchen.  For the bundle he carried on his back was Amy’s brother!

“Oh, what has happened to you?” She cried. She saw his leg with its bloodstained bandages as the Indian helped him into a chair.

Amy knelt dow by Ned’s side. He reached out and gave her a bear hug.

“I’m sorry I frightened you, Sis,” Ned said.  “We were almost here when I fell  into a shell hole and hurt my wounded leg again. Guess I fainted. Conquasett picked me up and carried me, as he had done many times.”  He nodded toward the Indian, who was looking curiously about the shadowy room. “Conquasett has been a good friend to me in time of danger. He was my guide through the wilderness. Without his help I would never have reached here. W have come all the way from Canada.” […]

Color Outside The Lines:

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