Autumn Nostalgic

2020 Inspiration Board

Vintage flair and romantic chalk candy pastels combine in this nostalgic mood board to offer calming and pampering design ideas.Using a mood board for an art or design project is not about copying what you see, it’s more about trying to find ideas and details that will take you closer to the feeling, or mood you want your creative project to convey.

Once that’s done though, and the inspiration board “feels” finished, it then becomes a how-to guide when you start developing the design itself, the color palette that emerged from your photos, the patterns or line quality from details, the types of font that would work with your project or overall style direction of the entire project – ergo: Hyperrealistic versus highly stylized. 

For this post, the artwork of Louis R. Linscott, a Woburn artist (1876-1966) who used his artistic skills to create slightly stylized imagery for local brands, provided the idea for this first inspiration board from Rag Rock Gallery. 

So used the inspiration of Autumn Nostalgic to refresh an entry way or a home office, craft hand-made gifts or patterns for a client, inject new life into morning journaling or a page coloring session.

Autumn Nostalgic Color Application at Home



How to Use a Mood board by

Autumn Nostalgic Color Application with Benjamin More Personal Color View

Application At Home image source: Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

Images were selected from the Dexter B. Johnson Collection: 

  • All illustrations by Louis R. Linscott & Woburn Almanac type
  • “Royal” type from “Woburn High School Old Portraits”