8 Fantastic, Free to Use Halloween-Inspired Vintage Art

Free to Use Halloween Art

A selection of public domain, black and white, line illustrations found on platforms like Free-Images.com and Pixabay.com. Vintage art can add flair to a variety of personal craft project or commercial products. Sometimes it can take a little bit of elbow grease to find the right image for a personal seasonal craft/art project or something suitable for commercial applications.

These are a handful of fantastic vintage pieces that can be used as clip art in a blog, as packing tape transfers for an art page or glass jar, the main feature of a greeting card or tag, transformed into patterns or backgrounds and even be integrated into the label of product. The sky’s the limit when imagination is involved!

All of these illustrations are transparent pngs, and are between 140 kb to 2.4 mb. Download, go forth and create!

1 – Death Portrait

Death_portrait Gordon Johnson Pixabay
Death Portrait By Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

2 – Bat Pattern

black and white bats by GDJ_7076 Pixabay
Bats b GDJ_7076 from Pixabay

3 – Renaissance Skeleton Character

Skeleton-renaissance Gordon Johnson-Pixabay
Renaissance Skeleton Character by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

4 – Bat Skeleton

Bat Skeleton by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

5 – Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer by GDJ_7076_Pixabay
Skeleton Archer by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

6 – Pumpkin Fright

Pumpkin illustration by StarGladeVintage from Pixabay
Pumpkin Fright by StarGladeVintage from Pixabay

7 – Soy Pedro Moreno

Skull_Oberholster_Venita from Pixabay
Soy Pedro Moreno by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

8 – Death Tombstone

Skeleton Tombstone- Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
Death Tombstone by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

10 – Flying Witch & Familiar

Witch by StarGlade Vintage_Pixabay
Flying Witch and Familiar by StarGladeVintage from Pixabay

TO DO: Vintage Art Projects

1. Give your gift tags some chilling beauty

Tags- Anna Veronika_Pixabay

2. Add a new page to your scrapbook. Paste a strong black and white illustration on an aged page full of text in any language.

Vintage transfer art on paper Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

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A few favorite places to hunt down the perfect public domain or Creative Commons images:


Feature graphic by Patricia Jacques