The Haunting

of the House on Everett Street

By Sue Ellen Holland

Edited by Patricia Jacques

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Patrons from time to time contact the Glennon Archives to request information on historical events, persons, objects,  locations or family genealogy. From time to time, a story so fascinating emerges that it begs to be shared.  In 1999, a patron called in from Baltimore, with an intriguing request about the haunting of a house on Everett Street.

A doctor and his wife built the house. After the doctor died, his wife moved out and finally rented the house at a suspiciously low rate to Harry & Fatoula Paris. It was reported that no one had ever stayed in the house for more than 9 months before this couple. In between renters, the empty house saw kids sneak in to play, only to be frightened out of their minds. One of them became so terrified that in his haste to flee the creepy abode, he jumped out of a window and broke his leg.

Unsuspecting Fatoula was a very hospitable woman who would always invite the landlady in when she came to collect the rent, but the doctor’s wife refused to step into the house. Oddly, she always remained in the doorway. The first red flag should have been raised.

When the movers dropped off the couple’s furniture, the movers’ dog took a few tentative steps into the house, yelped and ran away. 

The first night Harry & Fatoula spent in the house, they both awoke in terror at the exact same moment in the middle of the night. They discovered that they each had the same nightmare of a long-fingered, bony hand reaching toward their necks. 

Many mornings, Fatoula would find all of the pictures in the house turned around facing the wall. 

From time to time, one of her sons who was 9 months old, would sit up in his crib, stare straight ahead of him into the air and say, “shhh.” He was never harmed or frightened.

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She heard someone come in through the outer door and walk down the stairs to the basement…

Whenever, the couple had an overnight guest, in the morning the guest would ask them why they were making so much noise going up and down the attic stairs all night. Of course, Harry and Fatoula never left their bedroom and never heard the sound the guests heard.

One day, as Fatoula was lying on the couch, she heard someone come in through the outer door and walk down the stairs to the basement. She may have thought it was the meter reader would usually come in through the unblocked door, go into the basement to read the meter and then leave. In the 1930’s no one locked their doors.

 After a while though,  she still hadn’t heard him come back up. So, she went to the basement door called him from the top of the stairs. No one answered. Fatoula decided to go down and check on him to be sure he was okay. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she felt all of her energy and heat drain out of her. Her knees turned to jelly and she collapsed. She didn’t know what was happening.  A deep sense of dread crawled up her spine, completely overwhelming her with a sense of pure evil.

She knew she had to get out of there but couldn’t find the strength to stand up.   She tried to claw her way back up the stairs, but just as she thought she was making progress, she felt an an entity hold her back and drag her back down!

Bruised, terrified and exhausted, Fatoula at last made it to the top of the stairs.  When she looked at her hands, blood was seeping from her broken fingernails. When Harry came home that evening, she told him what had happened. Harry didn’t believe her. The next day, Fatula called a priest in the hopes of exorcising the devil out of the house with a blessing.

A few minutes into the blessing ceremony, the priest had to back off. The entity’s  powerful evil presence made cleansing the house impossible. He told them to move if they wanted to be safe.  As if turns out, research seem to indicate that the family decided to hang on to the house for another 20 years, until finally the stress of a petrifying encounter broke the camel’s back. 

One night, as the family was sitting at the kitchen table, they witnessed a man walk through the closed kitchen door, continue through the closed basement door and then go down the stairs to the basement, never paying them any attention.

Harry and Fatoula got their children, left the house and never went back again.

 Now the rumors around town were that the doctor who’d originally lived in the house had been performing some kind of illegal medical experiment on people in his basement. He’d buried the victims under the basement’s dirt floor. The police department even got involved. They held an investigation and took the house apart brick by brick -never founding  a thing.

Notorious Haunted House Doctor

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