Burning Rubber

Goodyear Sparks Innovations We’re Grateful For

Burning Rubber Goodyear Top WEB Louis Linscott

“I am not disposed to complain that I have planted and others have gathered the fruits. A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps.” 

Charles Goodyear

Despite going into bankruptcy several times, sent to debtor’s prison three times and nearly starving his family to death, despite all odds, Charles Goodyear successfully – after several years – stabilized rubber into commercial form in Woburn, MA. 

Having said that, one the most fascinating tidbits about his legacy is how his pivotal discovery made possible today’s 6 to 44 billion-dollar projected rubber industry. In the spirit of thanksgiving, here are ten products and experiences that saw the light of day thanks to Mr. Goodyear’s dogged perseverance in discovering the secrets to burning rubber.

Goodyear Rubber inspired products raincoats and boots

Garden boots & raincoats to bask in the great backyard outdoors – rain or shine.

Rubber stamps to create personable and hand-made cards for loved one and frenemies alike.

Rubber bands  to hold things that have a mind of their own.

Rubber tires to give us wheels to paint the town red – right around the neighborhood.

Rubber gloves to handle less than savory situations.

Latex paint for fume-free, low-voc, faux-finished artistic abodes.

Swim tubes to take the beach by storm.

Rubber duckies. Believe it or not, everyone was a child once.

Flip flops to let those earthen digits run wild and free at the first whisper of summer. 

Yoga mats for quieting the body as well as the never-en ding chattering mind.


Rubber Products in the Glennon Archives Digital Collection




  • Charles Goodyear Discovers Vulcanized Rubber” illustration by Louis Linscott [1876-1966], Glennon Archives, Woburn Public Library
  • Digital collage design by Patricia Jacques
  • Collage images from Annaliseart, Alexandra_Koch, OpenClipart-Vectors, free-images.com, freeimage.com & canvas.com