“Basic Reds”

2020 Winter Inspiration Board

What does a vintage box, a marionette from another era, the delicate patterns of a tea cup of old and the dramatic geometric of a stained glass window have in common? They are: A)  All artifacts currently on display at the Glennon Archives museum and B)  a warm and earthy red meanders through all of them.  The palette still feels festive but also resonates with the need for coziness and calm. 

Holiday Trend Board Winter 2020-2021 Basic Red - Rag Rock Gallery

In fact, any color could theoretically be dialed down a notch or two.  At least low enough to create the mood needed at any given moment. Simply reduce that color down to an accent to add interest in a project, find that color’s earthy tone equivalent or instead, use its pastel counterpart.

Pull from the “Basic Holiday Reds” mood board ideas for new textures, materials and colors. Create the perfect look for your next holiday event, the color palette for a new craft project, or better yet for the design of a festive page in your art journal, scrapbook or bullet journal with what the combinations that feel right. 

Learn more about using an inspiration board to gather ideas for your next project in the post  “Autumn Nostalgic 2020 Inspiration Board.”  

This inspiration board highlights vintage artifacts currently on exhibit at the Glennon Archives Museum




  • Images and artifacts courtesy of the Glennon Archives Museum 
  • Inspiration board designed by Patricia Jacques