The Story of Creation

By Parker L. Converse, The Newsprint, Woburn,  December 25, 1894, W86 C766 v.1

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Cliff Notes

A lyrical and descriptive case for the connections between science, spirituality and religion meant to popularize scientific discoveries to the general public using poetry.

Fun Facts

  • Parker L Converse wrote at least three books. This includes the popular Legends of Woburn series“Legends of Woburn” (Woburn, 1892), “Legends of Woburn“, Second Series (Woburn, 1896), and “The Story of Creation.”
  • He was a lawyer appointed as Justice of the Fourth District Court of Eastern Middlesex and served for 24 years.
  • In modern times, he even has a rocking chair company as his namesake.
  • His lineage goes back to the very first settlers of Woburn.

Book Excerpt

The Story of Creation

Earth A Growth

In Space unbounded, tenantless

Of worlds, where none but spirit dwelt,

Unlighted by the mighty lamps 

Of Heaven, ‘fore Time Itself Was Born,

God, self-existent, on his throne

Eternal reigned. Himself alone

Complete in wisdom, power and love.

The void, now filled, was destitute

Of mortal life, for Nature’s laws

Had not as yet been made, whereby

Creation, countless globes,

And myriad life was possible:

For without laws compelling force,

Naught could be formed and vitalized.