And 3 Colorful Ways to Use Them for Fun or Profit!

The Glennon Archives holds a sizable stash of black and white drawings and artwork hidden in vintage books, centennial newspapers and other unlikely places – like scrapbooks.

Here are five fun ways to adapt, utilize or creatively upcycle vintage artwork such as Count Rumford’s series of early coffee makers designs, an invention documented in the Complete Works of Count Rumford Vol 4.  

1. Create Your Own Yummy Tank Tops

Demonstrate arcane coffee knowledge with a print-on-demand series of tasteful sleeveless T-shirts in yummy earthy colors with vintage artwork from a book about the inventions of the imaginative Count Rumford, a colorful local Woburn character from centuries ago.

2. Turn your Rumford’s Invention Graphics Into Blueprints Art

  • Download the images in a design software and play!
  • Change the background color.
  • Maybe add a few fake technical annotations.
  • Add filters and special effects for more pizzaz.
  • Print at the local print shop – or at home.
  • Frame and…
  • Voilà: Unique Invention Blueprint Wall Decor!

3. Pen True Coffee Poetry With a Colorized Vintage Graphic

Easy-Peasy: Throw a few filters onto your graphic into any free design software such as:, or design software, download and print!


The Complete Works of Count Rumford, Vol 4

  • Rumford, Benjamin, Graf Von, 1753 -1814; Vol American Academy of Arts and Sciences, accessed 01/13/2021


To Download:

Download the Vintage Bundle below “Count Rumford’s Coffee Maker Invention Illustrations.”

To Print Stuff:


  • Graphic Sources & Tools used: | Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Mock ups from Pixabay| Pexels – Alexaphotos: Amanda Elizabeth; Bumpiputra
  • Photo collage designed by Patricia Jacques