8 Black and White

Vintage Art Graphics

The Glennon Archives reveals more of its black and white graphic gems, especially in the Centennial Papers files dating from 1875. The original artwork has been cleaned up, vectorized, and made transparent to make then user-friendly for those into vintage scrapbooking art challenges or other creative projects.   Check out  Count Rumford’s series on early coffee makers designs for inspiration and another downloadable option. Otherwise, dive right in!

A sample of the vintage newspaper graphics included in this Centennial Papers Graphic bundle:

Application Idea #1

Application Idea #2

Application Idea #3


Centennial Papers,” Glennon Archives


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Download the “Free Vintage Art” graphic bundle below:

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  • Graphic sources & tools used:  Canva.com | Adobe Photoshop |
  • Photo mock ups created with Placeit.com| – Alexaphotos: Amanda Elizabeth; Bumpiputra
  • Photo collage designed by Patricia Jacques